All about TikTok | How to install & create a Short Video?

TikTok App is the worlds best creative platform using which you can make awesome videos within a few seconds. Download Tik Tok App, make videos and share with your friends and family. This app allows you to make an infinite number of videos using superfine music. However, this app is entirely free to use and download. TikTok is used to create short videos with the excellent video quality. Do you want to make funny videos? Then, Download TikTok on Android, iOS, and PC. The current or the latest version of this App is 11.1.5. Get the entire information about the features, Musically TikTok installation, login from this article.


TikTok is a wonderful app to make creative expressions through Singing, dancing, etc. The most interesting feature of this application is, you can share all the videos on Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. All the TikTok users can make 15 seconds to 1-minute video on multiple or single shots. Once the video recording is finished you can add the desired songs or sounds to it. To add effects to the video you can edit it by using 14 preset filters. The allows you to set the recording speed and you can reverse or change it. If you became popular, you’ll get Popular Creator tag with Tick mark. As this app is available in several languages like Russian, Dutch, Italian, French, Greek, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Hindi, etc it has gained popularity from many countries in the world.


This app is designed with the most advanced and technical features which are helpful to make high-quality videos. Some of those features include effects, sound levels, sounds, filters, lip sync and much more. Really, this application will be perfect for everyone who loves to create videos. You can add the music to the recorded video from the Online library or even directly from your mobile or you can select the sound and make a video for that.

Features of TikTok App

  • There are millions of creators who are using this platform across the globe. It stood as the best platform to showcase their talents, memorable moments, knowledge, interesting things, and more to the world. So, let yourself be entertained and inspired by those.
  • Based on the videos you watch, share, and like, TikTok specially offers you a personalized video feed. You will continuously watch the videos on Tik Tok as TikTok quickly adapts to your taste and offers interesting, most relevant, head-turning, fun, quirky videos.
  • After creating the short video, you can add Emoji stickers and face filters to it to make yourself more beautiful and interesting. There are more than 100 emoji stickers which are free to use for your videos. And you can unlock a lot of beauty effects and fun face filters in your videos.
  • It allows you to easily edit your videos with millions of free sounds and music clips. They are offering you with the featured music playlists where you can find the hottest tracks in every genre, including EDM, rock, hip hop, rap, country, and more.
  • You can discover videos from endless categories like Dance, Food, Sports, Vlog, Animals, DIY, Comedy, and everything.
  • It offers several editing tools to let users trim, merge, cut, and duplicate the video clips easily.
  • With fresh and creative designs, the live streaming filters are being updated constantly.
App Info
Application Name TikTok
Current Version 11.1.5
Last Updated on 7th May 2019
Offered by musical.ly
File Size 80 MB
Required Android 4.1 or later
Compatible devices Android, iOS, Windows
Official Website www.tiktok.com

What’s New in TikTok Latest Version?

  • The latest version of TikTok includes security settings for every user account.
  • To make the viewing experience even better it made some performance improvements in the latest version.

How to Install Tik Tok for Android?

  1. As TikTok is made available in Play Store, you can install it directly from there. Otherwise, you can download TikTok APK.
  2. To download and install the app through APK, you have to apply the configuration settings of the device correctly.
  3. It is important to enable the Unknown Sources for accepting the APK file and install it.
  4. Go to the device Settings —> Security.
  5. After that, enable the Unknown Sources.
  6. Now, your device is ready to accept the APK file from the 3rd party sources.
  7. After completing Tik Tok APK download, search for the file and click on it.
  8. Now, select the “Install” option to install Musically TikTok App for Android.
  9. The downloaded APK will run the files and install the App on your Android device.
  10. After successful TikTok app download for android, you can see the Logo on the home screen of your Android device.
  11. Just, click on the Icon and start using.tiktok for android image

How to get TikTok for iOS?

  1. As the app is available in the App Store, you can install it from there.
  2. For this, open your iDevice and make sure your device is having an active internet connection.
  3. Now, go to App Store and search for TikTok. If it is banned in your country you can not find this app on the App Store.
  4. From the results appeared, tap on the official one, where the developer is musical.ly.tik-tok-for-ios-image
  5. Now, to install the app click on Get the App button.
  6. It takes a few minutes to install the application.
  7. After completion, you can find the app icon on your Main menu. Click on it and log in to use the app for creating short videos.

How to download TikTok for PC?

  1. To download TikTok App for PC, install BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  2. If you are already using this emulator, no need to download it again.
  3. Now, open BlueStacks and in the search bar, enter “TikTok”.
  4. Tap on “Enter”.
  5. Now, you can see Google Play Store Icon. Click on it.
  6. After that, log in to the Google Play Store by using your Google Account details (Gmail ID and Password).
  7. Now, search for “Tik Tok” again.
  8. Tap on “Install” button and install the app.tiktok for pc image
  9. The installation will take a few seconds.
  10. After successful installation, you can see the TikTok Icon in All Apps of BlueStacks.
  11. Just tap on the TikTok Logo and start using it.

How to Get free TikTok Followers?

  1. Firstly, open the TikTok App on PC/Android/iOS.
  2. Now, go to the Search —> Leaderboard —> Follow top 10 popular users.
  3. Tap on the popular user fans —> Follow fans —> Repeate for Top 10.
  4. Next, go to the trading tag list —> Click a tag —> Most recent —> Like all videos —> Repeat.
  5. Finally, you may get recognized by most of the users and there is a possibility to gain Musically TikTok Likes and Followers.

How to use TikTok?

  1. After downloading the app, you can start browsing the videos immediately. If you want to create the video or if you want to post it, you need to sign up for an account.
  2. You can create the TikTok account using your Phone Number, Email or some third-party platforms like Facebook.
  3. On creating the account using Phone Number, the username will be generated like, user0123456. If you used the Email address it generated a more personalized ID. You can also change the generated user id by tapping on the icon at the right bottom corner. There hit on the Edit profile and change.
  4. By default, your account will be Public. Means, if you post anything everyone can see it. To change those privacy settings, just tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your profile. You can change the settings of comments, share, duets, as well.
  5. The app is divided into two main feeds where the default is For You and other is Following, which shows the posts from the people you choose to follow.
  6. To make a  vide, first, you need to tap on the Plus sign at the bottom of the screen. You can see a red record button. Before recording, you can add a sound to dance or lip-sync or make a skit. If you want to catch the live moment you can go ahead without adding sounds.create tiktok video image
  7. For the video, which you haven’t added any music before, you can add the desired sound later. You can see the Effects option on the left side where you can change your hair color or eyes, etc.
  8. There will be beauty option and filters menu. Also, you can find the important feature that is a timer which allows you to film videos without holding the record button. And before the video starts you can on the timer and set right to the position you want to.
  9. You can do the video upto 15 sec and there will be an option to connect multiple videos upto 60 seconds. If you have recorded the videos outside the app, you can also upload them even if they are longer.
  10. You can make duets with other creators which split the screen in half and it lets you sing or act corresponding to another creator. To do this, go to the video that you want to duet and click on the share button, there you can see a duet option. Click on it and start doing the duet.how to use tiktok image
  11. It allows you to add hashtags to the videos you posts and you can give challenges to the creators and even add the latest sounds which can be used by many other creators.
  12. There will be Notifications section, where you can see who followed you, who liked or commented on your videos. You can also, turn off notifications if you don’t want to hear.
  13. Also, there will be a Live Streaming option, where the users can know when popular creators are Live Streaming. This feature may not be available for every user.


TikTok App is a wonderful application which is trending these days. On Tik Tok, users can discover, create, share music videos. Millions of people use Musically TikTok App to express themselves through comedy, dancing, singing and lip-syncing. If you really have the talent to sing or dance then you can record. Thus, you can present yourself on this App. Hope, the provided information is helpful for you. For more details about TikTok, visit our portal regularly.

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